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Feast at captured beauty of Villa Happy Monkey

Insights from our programs, sightseeing, jungle experience, the lodggings, satisfied customers, cousine
  1. VHM, villa happy monkey, lodgings, rooms, bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, porch, observation platform, platform
    Villa Happy Monkey
    Front view of the house
  2. Thomas Leaf Monkey
    Thomas Leaf Monkey
    Fast, curious and friendly
  3. Birds
    From Toucan to smaller tropical birds, you will see and hear it all
  4. Butterfly beach
    Butterfly beach
    just 50 m walking distance from the house
  5. Monkeys
  6. Waterfalls
    4 waterfalls in the vicinity of the Villa Happy Monkey
  7. Jungle flowers
    Jungle flowers
    For your pleasure
  8. Tire rafting
    Tire rafting
    Popular and must try experience with experienced tour guides
  9. Bathroom
    Clean and spaceous
  10. Dining room
    Dining room
    Where delicious foods excite your taste buds
  11. The house and the garden
    The house and the garden
    The house is in the middle of a garden surrounded by rubber tree plantation, 30 m above a crystal clear river canyon
  12. Real feel
    Real feel
    ..of sitting in the middle of the jungle
  13. Observation platform
    Observation platform
    Enjoy the view, sunbathe, play with monkeys or read your favorite book
  14. Neighbours
    You will see them daily
  15. Rest place
    Rest place
    No place like resting
  16. KIng size beds
    KIng size beds
    For 1 or 2 persons with mosquito nets